Monday, September 29, 2008

Photography Services

Tracy Ewell Cosmetics & Skincare are now offering photography services. We already specialize in all the details of making someone look and feel as beautiful as they are. Now we are equipped to capture those moments with a great photo. Whether your needs are a special portrait, a wedding enegagement, a bridal portrait, a new headshot, a great yearbook photo or specialty art pieces Natalie and Tracy are ready to serve your needs. Tracy and Natalie have been working in the commercial industry for over 10 years. Most of this time was behind the camera working makeup, hair, and styling, their goal was perfection, helping to create the best possible photograph. It it these set of skills that seperate them from everyone else. We have a variety of packages including the digital package where we hand you a disc filled with perfect pictures. If you need real prints, a collection of images or framing they can fullfill any situation. Here is an example of some of their work. Please call to discuss pricing. 404-588-9151

Sunday, September 21, 2008


This Saturday, September 20th 2008, I had the pleasure of going to Serenbe for April Farner's wedding. She hired us to do her makeup for her bridal party. April had already come into the store for her trial so I felt really confident that April was going to be very happy with the final look. Danica, owner of Plum Salon drove out to Palmetto with me. She does the most ornate, whimsical, yet intricate hair I have ever seen. Together we hoped to make everyone feel relaxed and beautiful for this very special.

Serenbe is something from a storybook. Tucked away on an organic farm, we drove up the gravel road and hidden away was the Serenbe Inn. We pulled in and started unloading. Fully equipped, Danica and I were headed to the main house to find April. On our way to the house, everywhere I looked I was amazed by every detail. We walked up to her room and again, it couldn't have been anymore perfect. Everyone was there lounging around, talking, drinking coffee, and enjoying the morning. The room had plenty of space and had beautiful natural light. Danica and I started unpacking and got started.

First, I had to unpack all the makeup, skincare, and special tools I like to use. I also brought a bar stool to make it easier for the girls to be at my eye level. Danica got set up in front of the mirror so that she could see the front of the girls' hair as she styled it. The room was white with lots of windows and the dresses were already hanging up, where we could see them for inspiration.

I started with the groom's mother. She was wearing a bright satin pink dress that was slightly fitted and hit right below the knee. The dress was beautiful and happen to match the flower girl's dresses. We decided to make her eyes a smoky brown with gold. Then I added a bright blush with a little bit of shimmer. I perfected her brows and added a few false lashes to extend her eyes. We finished the look with a deep rose lipstick followed with her sheer pink gloss. Everyone was telling her all day, how great she looked!

Next I met April's mom. I could tell she was a little nervous, as she had never had someone do her makeup and hair before. I wanted to make sure she felt comfortable, so I asked her what her normal makeup routine was. She said she always wears charcoal liner around her eyes! Perfect. She was wearing a pewter and gold layered dress that had a slightly organic sheen to it. It too was above the knee and had a deep v-neck. I thought we should play up the eyes and keep the colors more monochromatic. But we also wanted a little color so she didn't look washed out. I think she was pleased, April almost started crying when she saw her mom.

April's best friend was next. She could hardly sit still as she was wanting to help April with any and everything. She has been married and knows how stressful it can be on the bride. But after awhile she got into what we were doing. Danica had done the most gorgeous side updo, everyone had seen. She said, "I wish my hair looked this good at my own wedding!" We started with her brows and then worked on her eyes. We wanted a little drama but being a redhead it was important that she wore a color that was natural. Overall her look was very romantic and I think she felt it.
Then we had the bride. She really could be a model. I loved photgraphing her, as there was no bad angle. She really wanted her makeup to reflect her wedding colors but without being too much color. So we kept her eyes defined yet soft. I mixed two different Face Stockholm eyedusts to create the perfect green, gold, and brown hue. It was the heavy mascara and extra lashes that really finished the eyes. She already has perfect brows, but we did decide to add a little color for emphasis. I mixed two cream blushes, a taupe and a pink to create a very natural glow. Her lips were also a mix of two Susan Posnick colorforever lip stains. Mick which is a red and Rod which is a cool bright pink color. So I started with a little Mick and added a hint of Rod, her lips were the exact hue we were trying to achieve. Plus the gloss has a little bit of plumper and the color is a stain, so she will still have it own after she kisses her groom!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tracy Ewell Cosmetics & Skincare is excited to announce an interactive, educational, and super fun game all about beauty. The game is Beauty-Or-Not and can be played with up to 15 women.

Objective: To gain the most points by answering a number of questions and applying make-up on yourself and others. Tracy Ewell and Natalie Essaied, Partners of Tracy Ewell Cosmetics & Skincare, LLC, will allot each member points (max of ten per turn) depending on the level of accuracy.

How to Play: Beginning with the first player, chosen by the officials, Partners/Makeup Artist,Tracy Ewell and Natalie Essaied, the ladies will roll a colored die. Each color represents either a Question & Answer, a Do It Yourself, a Do It To Someone else, and finally a Wild Card. The rotation will continue in a counter-clockwise motion; once the question is answered or performed, Tracy and Natalie will record points and cover the correct answer to the question or perform the correct way to a Do It Yourself or a Do It To Someone else action. Once the player is finished with her round and an explanation/discussion occurs, and points are allotted, we move to the next player.

An example of Q & A: If one has oily skin, what is the best foundation or powder to apply to get optimal results.

An example of Do It To Yourself or Someone else: Perform a smoky eye on one eye only. Without any direction from other players or officials, the player will perform a smoky eye with Susan Posnick Cosmetics or Face Stockholm, then with the guidance of Tracy and Natalie, the other eye will be demonstrated to the entire group, pointing out tips and tricks on a flawless smoky eye.

With a Wild Card the assignment will be determined by the person to the right of the roller and will choose for her one of the three actions performed by the game.

After two rounds the officials with tally up the points and reward the top three leaders with prizes equaling $200. The first place winner receives a Free Makeup Lesson ($125 value). The second place winner receives a Free Makeup Application ($50 value). The third place winner receives Free Eyebrow Arching ($25 value). This game can be tailored to any groups' needs, whether its a bridal party, a baby shower or a group of friends. Catering is also available. Please send all inquiries to and/or

Thank you so much for your participation and let the best woman win!!

Here is the latest bunch!

Friday, March 7, 2008

HAIRcut with Stephanie

Thursday, March 7th 2008.
Gosh what a day! You never know what's going to happen at the shop. We were talking about what to do with Natalie's hair because she was headed to Chicago to see Johnny Colt and wanted the hottest hair possible. She had to actually cancel her scheduled hair appointment at Adore Studio because we heard a secret that Lucky Magazine might be stopping I told her "you can't leave, we're a team and you need to be here when the cameras show up!!" So she stayed but was sad about not getting her haircut :( Then our good friend and hair genius, Stephanie from Edge on Edgewood Salon stopped by because her whole day was cancelled and was looking for trouble. Natalie tells Stephanie how she's always wanted her to cut her hair, so Stephanie says "So why haven't I?" and the next thing you know I'm washing Natalie's hair in the kitchen sink, and Stephanie's getting her tools ready. So we bring Natalie over to the ball chair place her in front of the mirror and say....READY! SET! GO!........

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Fun!


We will be open late on halloween night.
We'll be prepared for the neighborhood "trick or treaters".


We loved the Rasberry girl & the Scottish Lass!

Here's Natalie as a hyper space goddess! She holding
Hurricane Andrew's umbrella... and it has our ad on it.!

Stay tuned for more...

This is our favorite 10 year old!! We love you Liquee!

Here Comes the bride...

Well, it's that time of year again....Wedding Season!
Jeremy Grey: John? I need to see you right away. It's important.
John Beckwith: [Walking into Jeremy's office] What's going on?
Grey: [sighs] We got three big weeks ahead of us. It's wedding season, kid!
Beckwith: You sandbaggin' son of a bitch!
Grey: Okay, now how many of them have cash bars?
Beckwith: Great question. I like where your head's at and two of them actually are, but I got us covered: Purple hearts. We won't have to pay for a drink all night.
Grey: Oh, yeah. Perfect.
Beckwith: We are gonna have tons and tons of opportunities to meet gorgeous ladies that get so aroused at the thought of marriage that they'll throw their inhibitions to the wind.
Grey: And who will be there to catch them?
Beckwith: Grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly, pal! What do you like better, Christmas or Wedding Season?
Grey: Mr. Grey?
Beckwith: Yes. The answer would be, um, Wedding Season?
Grey: Bingo! I'm gonna get my suit. Now who are we this time?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Well it's not quite like that but, we have been super busy with brides. We both love working with brides, helping them achieve their wedding dreams.

Here are some of our latest.

Erin Stone


Susan Blake

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Halloween is around the corner and we are all trying to decide WHAT to be, WHAT not to be...! Natalie and I decided to test our skills to see if we can make Natalie look like Twiggy from the 60's. Here is our step by step process.....The making of Twiggy!