Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tracy Ewell Cosmetics & Skincare is excited to announce an interactive, educational, and super fun game all about beauty. The game is Beauty-Or-Not and can be played with up to 15 women.

Objective: To gain the most points by answering a number of questions and applying make-up on yourself and others. Tracy Ewell and Natalie Essaied, Partners of Tracy Ewell Cosmetics & Skincare, LLC, will allot each member points (max of ten per turn) depending on the level of accuracy.

How to Play: Beginning with the first player, chosen by the officials, Partners/Makeup Artist,Tracy Ewell and Natalie Essaied, the ladies will roll a colored die. Each color represents either a Question & Answer, a Do It Yourself, a Do It To Someone else, and finally a Wild Card. The rotation will continue in a counter-clockwise motion; once the question is answered or performed, Tracy and Natalie will record points and cover the correct answer to the question or perform the correct way to a Do It Yourself or a Do It To Someone else action. Once the player is finished with her round and an explanation/discussion occurs, and points are allotted, we move to the next player.

An example of Q & A: If one has oily skin, what is the best foundation or powder to apply to get optimal results.

An example of Do It To Yourself or Someone else: Perform a smoky eye on one eye only. Without any direction from other players or officials, the player will perform a smoky eye with Susan Posnick Cosmetics or Face Stockholm, then with the guidance of Tracy and Natalie, the other eye will be demonstrated to the entire group, pointing out tips and tricks on a flawless smoky eye.

With a Wild Card the assignment will be determined by the person to the right of the roller and will choose for her one of the three actions performed by the game.

After two rounds the officials with tally up the points and reward the top three leaders with prizes equaling $200. The first place winner receives a Free Makeup Lesson ($125 value). The second place winner receives a Free Makeup Application ($50 value). The third place winner receives Free Eyebrow Arching ($25 value). This game can be tailored to any groups' needs, whether its a bridal party, a baby shower or a group of friends. Catering is also available. Please send all inquiries to and/or

Thank you so much for your participation and let the best woman win!!

Here is the latest bunch!


Blogger vimy said...

We did the game and it was a blast. Its perfect for a shower or just a girl's outing. Tracey and Natalie are amazing and getting your makeup done by them doesn't feel like an appointment but a comfortable afternoon with friends (except that you come out looking fantabulous). Give it a try--you'll have a blast, learn about some great makeup and techniques and meet two really cool chicks!

September 18, 2008 at 4:39 PM  

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